Hi, David Teren thank you for your message.

Yes, I’m aware of the interactor gem. Some colleagues of mine are using it as well. It points you in the right direction that’s true. It’s also lightweight and can be used without any concerns.

It gives you a good paradigm on how to write service classes and it’s quite convenient. But ask yourself. Is that enough? What is a service object? What are the interactors’ responsibilities and what is their role in the whole business use case?

Interactors are inspired by EBI architecture but there is still something missing especially in the ruby world.

What I’m exploring and working on currently is more in DDD principles and onion architecture (or clean architecture if you want to follow Uncle Bob). Focusing on business logic and how to maintain invariants and business use cases and being framework agnostic. I think this direction makes you think better about the actual problem.


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